Cleaning Services

We provide housekeeping services for ALL types of homes.  Vacation homes, rentals and standard homes .  It consist of but is not limited to cleaning floors, kitchens, bathrooms and all surfaces. 

Vacation Homes:  cleaning will consist of a reset of the home for the next guest including removal of dirty linens, replacing bedding and towels with clean, removal of trash, cleaning out the refrigerator, providing new supplies such as toilet paper, paper-towels, soap and shampoo.  Newly added linen service.

Offices:   cleaning will consist of the dusting all surfaces , cleaning all floors, windows, and special attention to customer areas.  Specializing in all types of businesses from wear houses to medical offices.    

   Custom fit our cleaning to Your needs

                                ***Rough Pricing Estimates***

                                           -Subject To Change-

     Type                                       One Time Fee                Package Pricing

Basic Small House                     $  95.00                               $   85.00

Basic Large House                    $  175.00                              $  160.00

Deluxe  Small House                $  140.00                              $  120.00

Deluxe Large House                $  190.00                              $ 160.00

Vacation Turn                       

Small Office                                  $   60.00                             $  50.00

Large Office                                 $   80.00                              $ 70.00

Move Out                                       Call for Quote

Spring Cleaning                          Call for Quote

Organization                                 Call for Quote


What you should know

  House Cleaning

  Office Cleaning

  Spring Cleaning





      * Small House         =  2 bedrooms or Less
      * Large House         =  3 Bedrooms or More
      * Basic Cleaning     =  Floors and All Surfaces
      * Deluxe Cleaning   =  Basic + Dishes, Linens and Other 


      * Package Min:   2 x per month for at least 6 months

  Please Call for more information:  707-922-5770

                    Email: Cleaning Services